• New Orleans 2 Story House. 1

    New Orleans 2 Story House. 1

    Noticed that these houses all have a similar style. Might keep working on these. Bigger canvas next?

  • Lake Overholser (Oklahoma) May 31ST 2023

    Lake Overholser (Oklahoma) May 31ST 2023

    Observations made on May 31st 2023 AM at Lake Overholser.

  • weather report 05/23/2023

    weather report 05/23/2023

    Historical May 23 2023: “The largest hailstone ever recorded in Oklahoma fell on this date in 2011. The hailstone, six inches in diameter, fell 2 miles north of Gotebo. Damaging hail with a diameter of 2 to 3 inches was also seen farther east and north toward Carnegie, western parts of Oklahoma City, and Kingfisher.…

  • the widow’s mite

    the widow’s mite

    while sitting in the halls of the dealership. I met this lady she asked me what i was doing, who i was. we joked about them trying to sell you a new car anytime you go to the dealership when she asked me about what i do in school and how i was about to…

  • memories


    8 years at the University of Oklahoma i remember this one day i was finishing a late evening class in my sophomore year of college. i had missed the last bus by a few minutes march 27 2017 6:07 PM. he didn’t have it but my brother took his last $600 in his account and…

  • riding around downtown OKC

    May 14th riding

  • photography post 1

    this is where i would put my photography posts.

  • graduated medical school

    graduated medical school

    received my M.D. on 05/20/2023from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine