8 years at the University of Oklahoma

  • first day on campus (2015)
  • scared as hell
  • uncertain
  • last day on campus (2023)
  • still scared as hell
  • still uncertain but trying a thing

i remember this one day i was finishing a late evening class in my sophomore year of college. i had missed the last bus by a few minutes

  • i hate asking people for help
  • i started walking home
  • here comes the rain and cold
  • 2 miles to go
  • stopped under this tree and called my mom
  • was snot and a lot of tears and dramatics
  • told her i did not want to continue the journey anymore
  • she recentered me. told me to keep going. she will try to figure it out

march 27 2017 6:07 PM. he didn’t have it but my brother took his last $600 in his account and bought me my first car.

2002 acura tl type s. i felt unstoppable

  • i drove it everyday
  • we expected the transmission to fail
    • it was the powersteering that gave out eventually
  • i drove it to my ou med interview
    • i got up at 5AM. the power steering fluid was not in the lines anymore. where it belonged. it was in a puddle under the car instead
    • i put on a suit and scarf. it was freezing. poured enough powersteering fluid into the reservoir and gave it my best shot
    • made it only about 5 minutes before i was using my full bodypower to turn the wheel. determined to make it to my interview on time, though
      • sorry for any lives in endangered on i35 going north. i had to make it to my interview
  • i was accepted
  • sold the car my first year of medical school. January 17 2020

wha eye nuh see heart nuh grieve.